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Aparna helps Kavya for going to workplace over caught rj swetha.

Do you say it is all my fault?

Each of them say that they’re speaking in a rage, however you aren’t thoughtless. I stated to Kalyan that it has been occurring for years, however how did I do know that there’s such a battle occurring in Dhanyam’s mind. That is why I stated I can’t inform Kalyan to work. Indira Devi says that Aparna signifies that there’s something improper with this, uncle.. It’s not your fault. Dhanyalakshmi says within the center if it’s all my fault. Ehe cease.. you poke within the center with out listening fully. Indira Devi says what are you pondering of planting mottikayas.

Telugu Hindustan Times
Anamika Chitrangi Anna Swapna.. Raj in Swetha dwelling at midnight and unknown particular person scared-brahmamudi serial January nineteenth episode raj in swetha dwelling at midnight and unknown particular person ship video to kavya, Leisure Information

No, Raj isn’t good at the moment. Shweta cuts the decision and goes to mattress saying that it’ll not be good if your loved ones members know. In the meantime, some program is taking part in on the TV within the corridor. Shweta will get shocked listening to that. Shweta is scared and goes into the corridor with a stick. Turns off the TV. She appears round anxiously. In the meantime, a shadow seems as soon as once more. Within the subsequent episode, the secretary calls Kavya and says that Raj sir isn’t within the workplace, he’s slicing the decision and the designs ought to be given by tomorrow.