Chandrababu advises DGP to take VRS if he’s unable to carry out his duties Chandrababu Letter To DGP : DGP take VRS

Chandrababu advises DGP to take VRS : Opposition chief Chandrababu Naidu mentioned that Urura Jagan Reddy’s goon raj is operating within the state, there is no such thing as a system, there is no such thing as a authorities. The incidents of Martur and Krosur are proof of the rowdy kingdom. The DGP who can’t legally run the police division has been suggested to take voluntary retirement. The SPs of these districts have additionally misplaced the proper to take salute from the house guard. The officers who take folks’s cash as wage ought to self-criticize.

Police help within the destruction of rowdy gangs

TDP chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu mentioned that the governance system within the state has been utterly weakened and there’s solely Jagan goon raj. Chandrababu mentioned that mining inspections with lethal weapons in Martur and police cooperation in destroying rowdy mobs in Krosur are proof of a very derailed regime. He mentioned that the anarchy carried out within the title of inspections within the granite industries with goons and lethal weapons in Martur is proof of the destruction of the techniques. He mentioned that the incident the place an AD stage officer within the mining division got here for inspection with the rowdies is an instance of goonda raj within the state. He mentioned that the police and officers must be ashamed for submitting instances and arresting those that questioned this. Equally, Chandrababu faulted that the MLA’s son attacked folks’s property with a whole lot of individuals in Krosur and didn’t take motion however cooperated with the police.

The DGP who introduced down the dignity of the police division

Chandrababu questioned why the DGP didn’t reply to such incidents that introduced down the dignity of the state police division. He mentioned that the DGP is ineligible to take a seat in that stage of publish when he’s unable to steer the system he’s the pinnacle of. If our police division, which as soon as glorified the nation, is collapsing earlier than our eyes, the unstoppable DGP is suggested to take voluntary retirement instantly. He mentioned that the district SPs, who’re presupposed to right the decrease stage officers in the event that they make errors…don’t take any motion towards them however they’re fueling anarchy.

Take away the khaki uniform and sew the YCP uniform!

Chandrababu urged that the SPs of these districts who can’t implement the regulation ought to take off their khaki uniform and stitch the YCP flag as their uniform. Chandrababu mentioned that such incompetent SPs and officers within the police division aren’t even eligible to salute with the house guard. Chandrababu mentioned that the officers who’re taking folks’s cash as salaries ought to work in accordance with the regulation. Chandrababu acknowledged that the folks’s court docket will punish these rowdies in two months and the courts should punish the erring officers.

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