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Call Connect Latest Telugu Short Film Review

Surya – donates betting money to an orphanage

Sometimes, rather than trapping Surya, a man named Shaurya takes care of it and he unveils his program to Keshav. Keshava is not keshava’s younger brother. He thinks there should be a program. He will know that this year he has donated an impressive six-year deadline.

Meanwhile, Shaurya picks up and from there he starts a problem each. He tries to achieve that, but knowing the due condition donated by his friend Surya, he understands that keshava will help them to go through the computers between them to understand them.

In this case their younger brother dies. This becomes a recognizable backdrop for Shaurya. Then this sun will understand. He sees that he is the younger brother of Kesavali and not Keshava. This Surya wisely donates those three crores to an orphanage.

In this case their younger brother dies. Then Shaurya understands. In the meantime, his anam

Continuing with that, Shaurya makes that important decision right now.

Directed by Vijaykumar Shrungavarpu, “Suriya – A Donation to an Orphan” attracts an artistic and superhuman narrative. The director remained their play and history, dominating the director’s artistry and the film’s story. He has the ability to visualize a feeling on every map of the tsunami.

The film is currently dividing the World of Telugu cinema and wants to be a special film to be directed by Vijaykumar Shrungavarpu. It’s an additional narrative, fascinatingly currently creating production in the World of Indian Cinema. There will be laughs, feelings and pictoriality in the meantime watching the filmlAbbreviation:

“Suriya – A Donation to an Orphan” directed by Vijaykumar Shrungavarpu, is a wonderfully-looking film. This artistic film attracts various aspects of Telugu cinema and acquires the voice of vyapaka prashasti. every one of them

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Call Connect

Director: Vijay Kumar Srungavrapu

Date Created: 2024-01-19 18:30

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