Hanuman Film: Chiranjeevi for Pre Launch – Balakrishna for Success Meet

Telugu Hindustan Times

Balayya who noticed the film Hanuman

Hanuman film was specifically watched by Balakrishna on Tuesday. Hanuman organized a particular screening for Balakrishna at Prasad Lab in Hyderabad. Balakrishna, director Prashanth Varma, hero Teja Sajja together with some Tollywood celebrities attended this present. It’s reported that the unit of Balayya who noticed Hanuman has been showered with praises. There’s a rumor that Balakrishna is fed up with director Prashanth Varma’s take. Balakrishna is claimed to have showered praises on Prashant Varma for displaying the devotional level nicely in a business sense.

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