Guppedantha Manasu February 2nd Episode: Vasudhara Lure – Test for Bhadra Natak

Telugu Hindustan Times

Shailendra Shock…

Shailendra involves the reserved location. As Bhadra isn’t seen there, he searches for him. Immediately Vasudhara seems there. She asks Shailendra what are you in search of. Sailendra is shocked by Vasudhara’s phrases. He hesitates. Vasudhara asks Shailendra are you in search of me…or Bhadra? Shailendra says that he doesn’t know who Bhadra is. She is bored with seeing your pretences, deceptions and lies. Know that Bhadra is your man. That is why Vasudhara shocks Shailendra by telling him that he’s secure.

Dj Tillu salaar