Guppedantha Manasu February ninth Episode: Vasudhara is a brand new villain in life

Telugu Hindustan Times

Rishi who went to Jagati…

If Rishi is absent for a second, my thoughts isn’t boring. Mahendra insists that he can not digest the truth that such a Rishi is gone perpetually and he has to drink to deal with the ache. Mahendra sheds tears saying that Rishi’s mom Jagati is life, that is why Rishi went to Jagati leaving me alone. Mahendra will get emotional that I do not need this life, who ought to I reside for. He begins hitting his head onerous towards the close by tree. Anupama will get confused seeing that. tries to cease Mahendra. He insists that I’ll go to my Rishi. It’s important to survive for Vasudhara. Vasudhara likes Mahendra to stick with him and dare him.

Dj Tillu salaar