Manohari canceled marriage.. Amar youngsters went to Missamma’s father.. Mangala Kali tension-nindu noorella saavasam february 1st episode manohari canceled marriage amar youngsters went to rammurthy hospital,Leisure Information

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Shocked to see the youngsters

Kids come to the hospital to see Rammurthy. When the receptionist asks who’re you, Ammu says we’re his grandson. Later Anju asks why did you say that. In case you do not say that, they are going to ask you difficult questions. Later, Kali is shocked to see youngsters coming close to Rammurthy’s room. He tells the identical factor with Mangala. In the event that they meet Bhagi, they are going to know that your brother-in-law has accomplished a job. Mangala says that is why they should not meet.

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